Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Maybe the Best Tourism Ad Ever Made

Go to the link!  Great Aussie art, yet again.  Why ever is it that pictures and music from Australia produce tears for me?  The Down-Under is simply one of the spots on the planet where I am most at home, thoroughly comfortable.  I yearn for our return!

Now, that's not to say that North Dakota is less beautiful, less evocative.  Indeed home is where ever I find myself these days - in the companionship of good friends and the best partner one could imagine.

Yesterday was one of those incomparable spring moments - time to play in the soil, to spread eventual color via tiny seedlings into my household garden.  My charming neighbors came to visit, a goose stood guard along the roadway over the slough as I walked my two miles, a gasoline trucker parked his truck to search for feathers to take to his beloved who makes dream catchers.  The coots, mallards, and wood ducks clucked, whistled, honked, and made nests.  The muskrats plopped into the water at my approach along the road and then turned to stick their noses out to see if I really was there.

Life is good and I apologize for having been absent from this blog for so long.
love you all.....