Sunday, April 29, 2012

Lost Mind

Annie fled to the mountains to escape her fear of losing her mind.  It was always going astray.  Last night she had tucked it under a cushion of the high-back chenille chair standing guard in the hallway by the front door.  In the morning, it was missing.

Her teeth were brushed, her hair combed, her new red skirt flared below her white silk long sleeved blouse waited for her to decide what to do, but how could she. Her mind was missing.

Standing quietly in the hallway, her foot had tapped the rhythm of a tune from yesterday's radio onto the polished oak floor. She closed her eyes and meditated on the possible places her mind may have chosen.

Perhaps if she counted?  No, that would only locate her left brain.  She wanted her right hemisphere as well.  Yes, the mountains were the  place to find that part of her persona.  For sure! She'd have to change her clothes.  There were streams in the mountains, streams that would ruin her new long sleeved silk blouse.