Thursday, April 26, 2012

Looking for Beta Readers here's the deal.  I've finished the 9th draft of an 80,000 word manuscript - women's fiction - Butcherbird Blues

Here’s a description:

 Fifty-five year old Demi Tryon has a problem with balance. In the daylight she is steady and in control, but as darkness closes in, ghosts threaten. She attempts to banish memories of childhood abuse by focusing on survival skills in the wilderness of California’s Sierra Nevada.

 Confrontation with a 300 pound California black bear and a struggle with hypothermia, developed after an early summer crossing of raging mountain streams, prompts Demi to seek support from a stalwart male for her next adventure. On the Internet she meets Sy Macintosh, an Australian mountaineer who often calls the Himalayas home.

As two brilliant adversaries each seek control, the success of their partnership grows more remote. Demi’s emotional roller coaster, initially delighted, is eventually confounded by Sy’s dry wit and no nonsense approach to life. Her attempt to balance sanity and need for security with her desire for adventure produces psychological and physical mayhem.  Learning to trust her own wisdom and intuition, Demi faces the wilderness within and without.  

I'm searching for a couple of BETA readers to volunteer to read the manuscript and answer a few questions about plot, characterization, theme and pacing.

If you would be interested, please jot me an email at or leave a note after this post here on my blog.

Catch ya as the sun sets over in Montana