Saturday, April 07, 2012

The Hunter

The New York Times has written a review of Willem DaFoe's role as The Hunter, an Australian film that you may well enjoy.

Certainly we did. Saw it before we left Oz last January.

I think you may enjoy the review. Click on the title to today's blog entry to go to NYTimes review.

See the film if it comes to your area. It's a better film that lots of stuff done recently. There is the Aussie understatement that runs throughout and as always that lack of over-emotionality makes for excellent viewing.

Unlike most American films in this genre, you actually get to make up your own mind about what happens in the end...Not every film maker in the world subscribes to 'tell em, tell em what you told em, and bore em by telling them one more time in the conclusion'.

One more item. Sam Neil, the Kiwi actor, does a fine job in his role as well...a role a tad different than most he has played recently.

Happy viewing. Here's the link in case you just want to swiftly read the NYTimes version.