Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Collision of Two Hemispheres

Fifty year old Demeter Tryon has a problem with balance. Keeping upright requires constant attention. In the daylight of her classroom she has no problems, but after dark the ghosts of an abusive childhood threaten chaos. To balance her dark childhood she sets out to conquer wilderness in California’s Sierra Nevada, the range of light.

Desiring to share her success, she seeks a relationship on the Internet where she meets Sy Macintosh, an Australian mountaineer whose own love of all that is wild takes him regularly to Nepal’s Himalayas.

Their initial transcontinental relationship collides in conflict as two seemingly similar cultures require them to crisscross the equator in order to soothe inner demons.

Sy’s rational grounded understatement at first entertains, eventually startles, often irritates, and always confounds Demi’s emotional roller coaster as she creates mayhem in an attempt to balance her need for security with her desire for adventure. Although she seeks peace, more often her outspoken American habits grate on the more subdued Australian culture.

This fictional account uses the Demeter/Persephone/Poseidon myth as background. Based on real life wilderness backpacking, adventure travel, and trans-cultural relationships, the plot pits two brilliant fifty year olds as adversaries seeking long-term relationships while criss-crossing international borders.