Tuesday, April 17, 2012


15 degrees below freezing at dawn today. Whats'up with this prairie weather? Overcast with pin prickly snow bits on the Aussie's shoulder as he did his morning water rounds. The coots on the slough are puffed up to twice their normal size as they dip and do head stands in the shallows for seeds and insects.

I've re-arranged my costume. Wool socks, wool beanie, fleece pants and top over thermals and cashmere sweater to ward off the cool. I could handle the whole situation by jumping aboard the Nordictrak and doing a little exercise or running round the city once or twice. There is almost no wind which is a goddess send, to be sure, but my once upon a time frostbitten fingertips would complain - not about the Nordictrak - my shoulders would complain about that exercise.

Bottom line, I'm lazy. Gonna make a spicy soup for dinner, work on the synopsis of Collision of Two Hemispheres and generally just make myself comfy. Catch ya all laters.