Saturday, March 24, 2012

Relationship School

This morning on the NY Times op ed page, David Brooks waxes eloquently on the Relationship School, an elementary school in Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

What to my wondering eyes did appear but Claremont High School's Family of Man program reinvigorated. With the support of the NY City's Teacher's Union and money from the City's Education department, teachers and students are actively involved in interdisciplinary projects with four teachers and sixty youngsters in one room....sound familiar?

You betcha it does. I am so pleased to see this program in contrast to all of the 'test happy' alternatives that have taken over education in America.

In the Relationship School, it is the relationship between individuals that count. Tiers of success are not emphasized. Instead, there is an attitude that we all work together to make sure that every child earns the A....Community success becomes more important than individuals standing out.

These educators know what I know and you do, too. The best way to solidify a learning is to teach it to someone else. The highest level of success in any new academic area happens when one understands it well enough to teach it to someone else.

I am energized by the very thought of this program and hope you will check out the article and maybe even the link to the school itself. Happy days when the circle comes around again to its starting point, especially when it means that youngsters are given the opportunity to succeed academically and socially in a celebratory engaging atmosphere.

Here's the link, but you can access the article by just clicking on the title to today's blog: