Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Been a Day or Five

Yes, it has been a while since there was a new post. Ya know, it's been tax time. I always think that chore is gonna take me a day, and it always stretches out to three or four. In the morning, I'll head over to the post office in Lignite, 8 miles west, and mail the whole set of materials off to my tax lady in southern California.

Now, that's another story. Who in North Dakota sends her taxes three thousand miles south and west to have them tabulated? Well, we do or I do. It's such a mish mash of conflicting information what with six months here and six months there etc etc etc.

If there were no editing and writing business, I could probably manage the whole scene for myself, but writing, editing, and tutoring are essential elements of the life style that we've chosen and so I do need help. I know, lots of you already know that! :)

So..spring is sprunging all over the prairie. Snow is melting in the 50 degree sunshine and the honkers are returning. Three big birds arrived on our slough today, honking profusely to let us know that they had arrived. A small black bird perched on the lilac stems this afternoon and a moose wandered through the back yard last night. You ought to see the length of the stride on the big fella. How lucky can we get? If he stays near town no one can shoot him. Maybe he knows that, too.

The Aussie is off to the city council meeting tonight. He may become the new town handiman. A win for the town, surely. Not so sure I'll be pleased to share his labour, but then again, I know that a new problem to solve suits his mood.

The espresso machine will actually make our first cuppa tomorrow morning. While we were gone a touch of ice destroyed the pressure pump and the regulator, but parts arrived by UPS today and fragrant coffee - not boiled on the stovetop- will wake me in the morning.

So, catch you soon. No excuses for not writing, now. Happy March, ya'll