Friday, March 16, 2012

5:45 on a Friday morning

Being on the far western slope of this Central time zone brings a late sunrise in our little corner of paradise. Picture wasn't taken until almost 8 o'clock this morning, but I was up and out of the cuddly warmth at 5:45. A few games of snood, a solitaire game or six; finally the key strokes woke the Aussie who showered and then made coffee for both of us.

Lovely morning.

Johnny Appleseed cloud cover and warm temperatures make me relatively sure that we'll reach the 69 degree temperatures promised by the weather folks.

The slough in this picture is still frozen, at least the top of it is frozen. Four geese were wandering around the middle of the ice this early morning. Along with thousands of their fellow travellers, they stopped by for a drink and some left over seeds from the surrounding fields before heading farther north for spring nest making.

We, too, are thinking of our nest. Today we head 80 miles east to Minot to shop for ceiling materials for our upstairs. Soon, very soon, the bed moves to the second story. Hooray..