Saturday, February 25, 2012

Whoosh..the Work Week Comes to an End

Yep, it's Friday in America. Only in Green Valley ghetto one has no way to measure the end of the work week....everybody's retired! We all just keep on keeping on. Stores are as busy as they usually are, gas stations as crowded as 'old geezers' try to figure out the coin machines that deliver gasoline - kind of like using a slot in Vegas or on the Reservation. Put the money in and get nothing in particular except a few extra miles on the 'family truckster'. It's always a gamble.

Now, you just know I don't really identify with those 'geezers'. I know how to use the coin machines, except, of course, yesterday at Costco when I forgot my pin...I have a pin? On which credit card? Dementia..oh shit..dementia strikes again and I didn't get my discount. Oh well, tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.

Two more days near the Mexican border and we begin the long journey north to Canada..temps up there just below freezing today and tomorrow and tomorrow..hopefully, winter doesn't choose to do her worst during our days of travel, but knowing our luck probably she'll spring a surprise or five before we arrive home.

Hopefully, I'll remember the way on the yellow brick road - the road north.