Sunday, January 08, 2012

North Dakota friends — Take a Look!

North Dakota's RPA Training

The state of North Dakota is trying to position itself to become a leader in unmanned aircraft. Two years ago, the University of North Dakota became the first civilian school to offer a four year degree in unmanned aircraft systems operations. . .

The new UAS training centre in Grand Forks is located off campus at Grand Forks Air Force Base. The centre includes a small room that's essentially a cockpit on the ground. Pilots and sensor operators can watch what's happening in the air through cameras on the plane.

The undergraduate students studying unmanned aircraft systems begin their coursework by leaning about aerodynamics as any traditional pilot would. Then the classes branch off to study the specifics of unmanned aircraft.

The students aren't in the military, but they'll likely end up working as military contractors when they graduate. That's where the jobs are.

Associate Professor Ben Trapnell set up the US degree program here. He used to be a Navy pilot,but he says that unmanned aircraft are the future.

'And if you do any research with the army, the air force, there are people that will tell you they may hve produced or are producing their last manned fighter.' Trapnell sees a lot more than just military applications for unmanned aircraft.

'I've got about 90 different uses for unmanned aircraft. But some of the big things: agricultural uses — we can get imagery to farmers a lot faster than having to wait for satellites to do the same thing — pipleline patrols, power line patrols, there's the possibility of flying organs one place or another to get them there faster for transplants.'

The state of North Dakota is an ideal place to experiement with this new tchonology — wide open space and few pople.


Click on the title to today's blog to go to the uasvision web site. We found the article on page 7 of Australia Flight Safety Magazine, Issue 84, Fan-Feb 2012. I typed up the article because FlightSafety is NOT on the web.

Enjoy the read..worth taking a moment to consider which of the young persons in your life might find this information of interest.