Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Monsoon Bedtime

Raining again!

Rained last night, rained the night before; gonna rain tomorrow like it never rained before!

Don't know any other place I've been in my life when rain fell so hard for so long...not a steady drizzle, but a pounding, resolute storm cloud that covers the entire east coast of a continent, albeit, the smallest continent.

I'm tired of the downpour, praying for sunlight on the morrow. I have a set of stairs to paint before I leave the 'down under'. Managed to finish the yellow uprights just before the storm started yesterday, but have the red handrails to finish off.

Let there be a drying of the cloud cover, dear god of the skies. Let moonshine and sunlight cover the land for a bit so that my chores can be completed before I sail off into the up over!