Thursday, January 12, 2012

Feeling a tad superb this early morning

Woke at 4:20 this morning. Isn't that supposed to be 'toke' time...oh, yeah, that's 4:20 in the afternoon :)

Am feeling just a tad superior — no inferiority complex here. Yesterday I painted the whole front wall of the Brisbane house. It looks spiffy and I feel damn good for the effort. But, it did take me 7.5 hours to complete the job in 100 F heat. So engrossed in my task was I that I forgot to feel overheated. I think that's a good outcome. And I'm a tad impressed with my focus and growing skill with paint brush and 10 litre cans of paint. double :)

Now, it's time to do the trim around the doors and move on to the veranda railings and front steps. Temperatures today are supposed to only reach 81F. We'll see. Often those who are supposed to know miss by a mile .. er kilometre ..

The Aussie will be painting the northwest side of the house today on very high painters' scaffold. Some of you may remember that the northwest side of the house is three stories high. I won't look or even go round that side of the property til he is safely returned to ground zero and my waiting arms or maybe his waiting afternoon tea.

Hope your world is as full of good works as I am beginning to feel mine is. Catch you on the morrow.