Tuesday, January 10, 2012

90.5 F at Midnight

'not happy, Jan.'

Ye gads, try sleeping in a house with no air con when it's 95 F while it's light and 90 at midnight with a sky full of almost precipitation. Sound a tad like tropical living? You bet. And this happy camper turned into a crab!

Ended up stretching out on the lounge room floor with the biggest fan in the house blowing air..not cool air, but air... across my body. Hate having fan air curling around my ears, disturbing my back with gusts — hate hot at night! Not fond of hot in the daytime especially when it's accompanied by huge almost storm clouds.

Yep, I'm whinging! Counting the days til the plane with me on board leaves this summery climate bound for winter in the northern hemisphere. Global warming? Not my choice, promise you.