Saturday, October 22, 2011

Who Are YOU

David Brooks column in the New York Times today is worth your attention - that is, if you think your rational self controls who you are and what you do.

Brooks comments on Daniel Kahneman's new book Thinking, Fast and Slow, an intellectual memoir. Kahneman, according to Brooks, shares evidence of something I have thought to be true for quite some time. My subconscious is far more important than my conscious mind in determining my actions and positions on just about everything.

For this 'J' Personality, that's tough. I used to think I had the whole world in my know the song - However, in the past ten years I have discovered indisputably that I have very little if any conscious control over my world or the people in it, including myself. URGH!!

Check out the link. I'm gonna see if I can buy the book on my fav reading platform these days.