Saturday, October 08, 2011

Spring Thunder Storm

Saturday mornings, we rise early and head to the Kelvin Grove Farmers Market.  The fragrances of fresh bread baking, masses of veggies stacked along the walkways, and just brewed Merlo coffee filter under the brilliant colors of bouquets of flowers, only in Queensland fabrics made into flowing summer dresses and hats,  all of which are accented with just a bit of Chinese dumplings, Spanish Paella, Turkish sweets, and German sausages.

But, this morning as my sleepy head left the soft down pillow, rackets of rain stormed through the house.  Rain is a different commodity when it comes atop a metal deck roof, I promise you.  Thunder followed.

My thought were with the busy folks who must have just set up their stalls in the darkness of a spring morning in readiness for shoppers.  Hopefully, their goods stayed dry.
We'll wait til next Saturday to find out.  Such good gossip and stories await us for our next visit.