Sunday, October 30, 2011

Qantas - The Flying Kangaroo - Is Grounded

What kind of crazy, self-centered, egotistical CEO would agree to be the spokesperson for a Corporate Board of Directors who would call a wildcat strike of one of the most successful airlines on the planet?

His name is Alan Joyce. He's an Irishman, a leprachan of the worst sort; a fellow who sends comely women out to report his dirty work with the media. He's a man who grounded six planes in Melbourne last week because he was in the midst of selling them to another airline and then blamed the grounding on the airline mechanics union. Grounding the planes was not an issue; canceling the transportation of thousands of Australians without any forewarning was.

Doesn't he sound a bit like his fellow countrymen who almost devastated Ireland's economic underpinnings by cheating those with savings deposits in their banks?

Actually, he sounds very American; corporate governance is NOT good for anyone except those who serve on corporate boards and are paid NOT to guard the investments of stock holders, but to make billions for themselves.

We'll see how it plays out. The Australian government is now engaged in the fray...not a good sign, I promise you.

btw..always a laugh behind every dark cloud. Check out this the famous Qantas advert

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