Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Looking for Blasts...

Sorry, folks, I've been missing in action.  Work on the manuscript has once again come to an end.  I have just completed the nth edition of DAS BOOK which is now entitled..

Crossing the Pacific: An Expat Love Story

But who knows, it may manifest in another form at some time in the future.

I am in search of an agent, but have been in search for the past year.

Soon perhaps I can finagle a third person into reading the entire manuscript.  Thus far only two folks have had that honor - the author and a fine fella named Robert, who kindly read the whole thing in about three days.

It now is 49,000 words and 262 pages takes that long to recount the adventure and create a healthful ending, you know..

Anyhow..I am feeling energized.

I would, could ask each of you to maybe send 'blasts' of encouragement into the cybersphere for recognition of my creativity, courage, and really hard work.

That means, you could stop for a moment before going off to sleep tonight and ask the universe to remind some really talented agent to say 'yes' to one of my QUERY get the drift..the more energy expended in a positive manner on my behalf, the better my chances of finding an agent.

love you all...farewell for now..