Sunday, September 25, 2011

— Mind —

Quietly, desperately he searches
            His rational mind attempts reconstruction of previousity
                                    while brain waves snag on hillocks of stress.
Kookaburra gargles.
Butcher Bird whistles.
Fig bird flits among the tiny fruit.
The rational ONE has forgotten the automatic gesture that stored glasses in a
safe place beneath the right node
over the middle dendrite!
Who remembers such a circuitous route? In the careful walk back over the previous route, no glasses reflect the sun.
Loriketes mimic screaming brain searching for memory
Not half way,
            only at full bore,
                         the amazing human brain hides us from ourselves.
A frustrating companion,
            a partner in deception,
                         it secrets  ‘need to know’ confidentialities in deep crevices
                                    where lost items are stored within the information revolution
topsy turvey
instantaneously connected to the present by tenuous tendrils
cross referenced 
and silently lost in the labyrinth of gray matter,
stored in no apparent  rational order.
The  automatic system refuses to cooperate with conscious Intention
No rationality in this filing system,
                  Only the unconscious knows where the glasses await their owner.