Tuesday, September 06, 2011



Myriad green scripts
on brown papyrus soil
written translation impossible
patterns older than human letters,
Meadows  create art everywhere.

Wide high Sierra duff,
Guyot Flats,
brown pine needles,
soften foot fall at 10,000 feet.

Wider yet, Tuolomme green grasses
peppered with stark blues, red, yellows, oranges
of short lived  wildflowers seeded by deep winter snows.
Keep to the trail
protect delicate August blossoms.

Looping off to the horizon
Utah meadows filter through red rock monoliths
sparse sage and  salt bush hold tenuous desert cement
in meadows
as winds sweep extreme afternoons.
Coolness crosses the landscape with stunning  sunsets

Is there a meadow I love  best?

Potted with clear blue lakes,
Ponderosa and white pines filigree the edges,
Cotton Wood Meadow, home of Dragons
who wander the earth protecting the riches of meadows everywhere.

Ah, and the meadows of the mind,
relaxing, verdant moments
when one  wanders unbeleaguered by the pressing issues of the day,
stepping round the hillocks of color,
breathing the fragrance of the unfiltered common space  in the collective unconscious;
aware that the skies above and the earth below
                                                      have created  meadows of reverie.