Monday, August 08, 2011

What Kucinich Said - - - - -

Dennis suggests —

1. Close down both wars and bring the troops home.

2. Tax the rich at the same rate as we tax middle class Americans.

USA fiscal problem solved.

Why can one outspoken Congressman come up with a simple solution and all those other folks continue their dance around the Maypole of Fiscal Mismanagement?

Alice in Wonderland
politics abound in America. Maybe we ought to follow up Kucinich's solution by legalizing and taxing marijuana, cocaine, meth.

Oh no? Oh, yes!

Tobacco corporations would have to make their profits overseas. Oh, they already do that?

Arms manufacturers(Armalite, Browning, Colt,Magnum, Remington, Smith & Wesson, Springfield, Winchester to name a few), and War material suppliers (too many to mention) beware — You'll have to advertise more effectively in all those former colonial hot spots where the locals are playing adversarial games to win control of the profits from minerals in demand in '1st' world technology.