Friday, August 19, 2011

— — — — — The Tea Party — — — —

Bachman, Perry, Palin — a godless trio whose actions belie their words — represent points of view that are diametrically opposed to everything I believe.

Sociopaths on parade,

Egotists whose persona is used by the media to sell tissues and toilet paper.

They embarrass me; why don't they embarrass you?

Do they represent your personal goals and hopes for America?

Wouldn't it be better to just ignore their nonsense, their non-rational rantings?

Why not simply turn off the tele when the news media turn the focus on them?

It's a simple act and assured to garner the attention of those who put adverts around the news programs that cover these idealogs with no moral agenda.

Corporations — individual people — will abandon them if the rest of us abandon them. Corporations are accustomed to success. When those they support are seen to be failures, the big money will be out the door - yesterday.