Thursday, August 25, 2011

Red Dog

If you love dogs, you'll love this little Aussie movie - a wonderment that took me to tears and provoked me to unseemly loud laughter several times.

The Pilbura (where the film is set) isn't much to look at, but the characters who inhabit this desolation are purely Australian even though they represent most every culture on the planet.

It's a great movie. Click on the title to today's blog entry to go to a review - the kind of film that Australia ought to produce more often. Irreverent, charming, full of mateship, beer, desert, unwashed male bodies and a strange perception of what precisely makes a gentleman.

It ranks with The Castle and Cosi von Tutti, as well as Bran Nu Dae a - movies that could only be produced in this hilarious, life affirming culture.