Wednesday, August 03, 2011

A Pause That Refreshes

Is that a Pepsi or a Coke ad?

Don't remember; but like all good adverts the line itself stuck.

I'm in the midst of cleaning my office. The windows were so dirty after my absence of a year (ergo - nobody cared much about looking out) that I couldn't see the fig tree wilderness in full bloom immediately outside.

Windows and sills are now pleasantly clear - the scene without is worth the effort.

However, I have discovered that although there were no folks looking out, there were a plethora of critturs moving in. If you read this blog with any regularity, you may recall that my computer screen - one of those bigger than life full desk monitors - had not lain useless for the year of my absence.

Nope, the local ant population had moved in and converted it to 'ant farm'. I still haven't found the queen. Ant farms do have queens, don't they? Otherwise who would be laying all those little white eggs that covered the entire back of my monitor?

I still haven't found the queen, but in the process of moving furniture - you know, I'm one of those folks who must rearrange in order to believe I've really cleaned. A year's dust mites took a while to disembowel, but I've done pretty well, so far.

Today, I tackled the book cases. Some might think that book cases don't need to be cleaned. Once upon a time I might have been such a person. But never again. The paper wasps make good use of my precious books to which they attached bountiful numbers of mud nests in which their young I am sure came to fruition cause they are no longer there. The wasp nests crumbled to dust as I removed each book.

As well, the rest of the mother of all ant colonies had nested between the book covers and the interior walls of my book case. Every book with a dust cover made a special abode for a few hundred ant embryo along with their several attendants.

I needed a break after I took my dissertation out to the sunny aspect of the front garden so that the attendants could escape and even take the eggs with them if they had a mind. Do ants have a mind? I know they are supposed to have a collective unconscious only in their case I think it must be a collective conscious cause they sure do work well together to take advantage of any quit, dark, undisturbed space in the midst of flooded Brisbane. They did find a safe haven for their offspring - at least til I returned. And at last my dissertation on Women Travel Writers was useful to some entities. Good on em.

However, the giantess with the spray bottle full of vinegar and ammonia will not rest til they have all found another place to work their magic.

Just thought I'd let you know. It's good to make myself a cuppa and share the massacre I just let loose on the ant population who thought they were safe and comfy in my creative space. :(