Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Movie Day

Worked hard yesterday - for me, I did. Trimmed the front garden back to reasonable levels - that would be below the fence line. The shrubs had overgrown as a result of all the rain during the flood season that the Aussie and I missed. Now, the real task is to pick up the palm nuts that litter the garden walks beneath and among those shrubs. Big job.

So, I deserve a break today. ;) Like my whole life isn't a 'break' from normal — one of the joys of being an expat is that every time I travel, my days change routine, present new challenges, as well as myriad ways in which to celebrate life. No exception this trip.

Here in Brisbane, the old army barracks have been renovated into an entertainment district. The used brick buildings have been littered with stainless and aluminum trim, the standard issue military walk ways have been skewed into flowing passages between emporiums of gelato and gourmet pizza shops and a six auditorium movie theatre crowns the whole complex up the stairs to the second and third floors. It's an Amerikan film about which we will be making judgments later on — Tree of Life.

And then there is the two kilometre walk home past SunCorp stadium, idle for the moment, a tad tense as it awaits the 25000 folks who will watch Darren Lockyr celebrate his final rugby victory this spring. The ghost of celebrations past sits quietly at the moment, a behemoth reminding one of the fireworks displays to come on many a Saturday night. Aussies do like their sporting competitions.