Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Eight Ways to Stimulate Your Brain

From Facebook this morning — 'Oldies!' Take note.

1. Practice your peripheral vision

2. Memorize a song

3. Learn to play a new instrument

4. Practice throwing/catching a ball

5. Learn to use your non-dominant hand

6. Walk on bumpy surfaces

7. Finish jig saw puzzles

8. Become a child again.

There were ten suggestions. I've already forgotten two of them. 'Oh well ', as my Becca friend would say.

These are such easy assignments. Do you think learn a new language was on the list? It should be. I'm actively involved in doing that. Just the other day I was practicing listening to Dr. Islam speak Pakistani English. I fear I offended him when the royal ME stopped him mid track and asked, 'Please repeat that last sentence. I didn't understand you.'

Instantly changed our relationship forever. A bit later there was his response. "Americans, they just want instant results.'

I kept my mouth shut. Is there any other kind of result? What's wrong with him?

So, now we have this hasty, cold shouldered doctor/patient relationship. I contend, 'I don't want to take steroids to correct my indisposition.'

He stops, looks directly at me for only the second time in our little office visit and says. 'Take this prescription then. It won't work as well.'

And he up and walked me out of his office. He may be a good doctor. I am certainly a lousy patient. American to the core.