Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Songsters Greeted the Dawn

Same ole, same ole; nonetheless, it was joyful to be awakened by the southern hemisphere denizen! Kookaburra klan chattering at brekkie and Butcher Bird chortling us up and out of bed a bit earlier made it a fine morning to be home again.

Mid winter temperatures are pleasant hovering around 68-70 F with a slight breeze sliding down the front hall through the open door. The Aussie laughs at my pink head dress - a tight fitting cap that fits down over my ears keeping me warm. Must admit I've added a light fleece and socks to my winter wardrobe. Nothing at all like our North Dakota winter wear, but enough.

At 8 this morning we enjoyed a walk down to Rosalie Village for oats, freshly baked bread, and yogurt. Then, in my sunny office enjoyed our second cuppa of the morning.

Much to be done here in the 'colonial' - closets and cupboards to be washed out before hanging clothes up. After all, it's been eleven months since the hangers have been covered with my colorful wardrobe.

And to our surprise, we had to clean out my computer screen - it had become a rather delightful ant farm complete with little white eggs.! Quite unexpected. Soon we will try and reassemble the whole screen with the intention of making sure it works minus the minyons crawling through my words and pictures as I try to type a blog entry. This note comes to you via my travelling laptop.

Be well..hope it cools off for those of you in Nordacotah and also for the California folks.