Monday, July 25, 2011

Not Quite Our Prairie Home

What a difference a hemisphere makes.

Our three homes are as different as one could possibly imagine. Still, all three have a similar ambiance, a sense of comfortable relaxation.

Oz house has no central heating - nor does Sierra cabin; the Flaxton abode is surely the warmest of the three. Our window pane less southern hemisphere home is large enough so that sometimes we actually lose one another.
I'm in the front bedroom.

' Ok. Be right there I'm on the bottom back veranda.' :)

We can hear one another, just can't quite find each other.

In Flaxton, we always know where the other is..garage, upstairs, downstairs, or out playing in the snow.

At the mountain cabin, no telling where the other might be. Hiking to a peak, through a canyon, fishing in the creek, or just lolling lazily in one of the bedrooms.

No matter, we seem to be comfy in all three..and feel more than a little fortunate to have them all!