Monday, July 18, 2011

Just a bit excited

Greetings, greetings —

Location - Holiday Inn LAX

Time - 10 am Sunday 17 July 2011

Atmosphere - pleasant. Tummy full from a full service breakfast buffet after a good night's rest - oatmeal for me with just a tiny bit of scrambled eggs to keep me til we reach Air New Zealand Business Class lounge at the airport.

Expectations: A good nights sleep en-route to Auckland where we have a lay over before heading home to Brisbane.

Dearest Linda drove us from Whitney Portal (picture at top of blog page) to LA. We are blessed to have such friendships in our lives.

It was difficult to make the transition through the dry Mohave desert after a white winter and very wet springtime in Nordacotah which has become the state of 10,000 lakes just like it's eastern neighbor.

Ten days in the Sierra were glorious, cool, green, quiet with a smattering of child laughter when the Madeleine, Jack, Ethan, and Dale came to fish and tease the wildlife.

Twas difficult to leave the mountains behind, but looking forward to a warm Aussie winter in the colonial on the hill. Catch you all in a few days...after lag from the jet dissipates