Sunday, July 03, 2011

* * * * * * * Bags are Packed! * * * * * * *

And we're ready to go!

Can't remember a time when I've been so ready to climb in the ute and head for the mountains.

That's only because of incipient Alzheimers. There have been lots of time when the cabin offered refuge from way too much life in the city.

But this time, the issue is heat and grass in the country. Temperatures hovered around 100 on Wednesday. The clouds disappeared over the eastern horizon, after which the western horizon, that usually acquits itself admirably by producing more of the white fluffy stuff, failed to take notice.

Packing was a tad unique this trip. Stuff to go to the cabin, stuff to go to Australia, stuff to stay here packed into mothproof containers, and stuff to take into nightly accommodations. Some say I am a woman of boxes and I do plead guilty, but arranging this set was onerous.

Still, it's done! All that's left is to carry bags out to the truck so the Aussie can load and then empty the refrigerator/freezer and take excess out to the farm where the denizen will feast when we are 'on the road again'.

So, for a couple of days, I will miss checking up on you all to see who has stopped in and who has not.

BTW, you can do that yourself if you scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and click on real time view of the lovely counter who keeps track of where and how folks chose to stop in to read some of these words.

You may be surprised at the entries from Croatia, Thailand, and Sweden. Everybody reads English these days — the shame is that we Americans read so few other languages ourselves, but you've heard me pontificate on the subject before.