Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ant Farm

My huge screened Mac G5 Double Processor has been left all all alone for the past eleven months on my desk in the sun room office of our Brisbane home.

Graham's eldest has been a fine guardian of this mammoth machine. At least once a week she has come in to keep it company for a few moments, checking to be sure that it is operating properly, that the latest Brisbane electrical storm hasn't burned the operating system to a crisp.

As I sat down to stroke the ego of this behemoth upon my return last Tuesday, praising it ceaselessly for continuing to function without my 'motherly' attention for so very long, a lone ant crept across my screen. One ant - no problem. I continued to check my email and jot a note off to my Aussie friends to let them know the Amerikan had returned.

And what to my wondering eyes did appear? (Yeah, I know I used that phrase not so long ago) Another ant, and another, and another until dozens, hundreds criss crossed my screen, some wandering and some carrying little white eggs.

A ant farm had lodged successfully in the 540 millimetre ( almost two foot) by 440 millimetre (a foot and a half) screen encasement sitting before me.

Fortunately, I am married to Mr. Fix It. He pondered for a few moments, brought his IKEA tools, hex wrenches, from downstairs, removed the back from the screen, sprayed the denizen as I scooped them up, and proceeded to evict them from their home of the past year.

Then, wouldn't you know! Then, the whole computer refused to boot up. Squirrelly mouthed, we cursed and frothed at the whole Apple world. Rescued from ants, lonely once more, the huge machine refused to cooperate.

Four days later, Mr Fix It triumphed again. Here I sit with the Fig Tree Wilderness before me, laurelkeets happily mincing on the rain gutter just above and beyond my window, ants departed from my computer, jotting you this record of our most recent problem solving events.

Happy I am to be typing on the G5. Thrilled I am to be able to communicate with my cyber world on my favourite system. Happy days to you all.