Friday, June 03, 2011

Tiny House

Tiny House — what a concept in America?

Click on the title to today's blog entry and scroll down to the video. Lovely idea, but I cannot imagine living in 320 sq ft. of space with three people. Keeping everything in its own space would be the greatest challenge.

The cost of the 'tiny house' is about $20,000, which seems a tad steep to me. However, buying a house at that price today means not having a mortgage and that's a most positive perk.

Our prairie house is about fifteen hundred square foot - perfect for us. That's counting the upstairs which is still under construction. We'll see how we like it when there really is space for each of us to have a floor of our own. Oh, and that counts the basement as well...which is the only basement (so far as I know) in Burke county that has NO water seeping into it from the absolutely once in 50 year water table levels.

I suppose our 1500 sq ft space has a price tag about the same as the 'tiny house'. The metal deck roof ($3000) was the most expensive aspect of our renovations. Water proofing the basement with a British process cost about $1500 for materials. A new furnace and insulation make up the primary other expenses so far. Tools with which to do all this work have added at least another $1000 to our costs.

We don't add the $700 for a commercial espresso machine to our list, but let me assure you that none of the work would have been accomplished without a good cuppa at least three times a day. Flat white is our specialty.

Lumber to build the covered walkway between the house and the garage made winter endurable. And the Aussie did raise the back wall of the kitchen 8 inches, which didn't cost much in materials - a house jack - but lots of time and patience.

So, as spring finally threatens to surround us, as the goslings follow their parents around Stoney Run, we ought to be very happy home owners. If only the surge of waters would stop threatening to turn this corner of the prairie back into the great dinosaur inland sea that used to proliferate in mid North America, all would be well.