Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Rundle: by the time Osama died, he had already died

Reporting in Crikey, an Australian on line newspaper today, Guy Rundle offers an interesting perspective on the life and times of Osama Ben Laden that you may find illuminating.

I offer the first paragraph of the article here. If you wish to read more, click on the title to today's blog entry. It will take you to the online version. You will have to register to read the rest of the article, but registration is free.

Hope you find the information contained within as interesting as I have.

When did al-Qaeda begin?” a panel at the Frontline Club was asked during a symposium on the group a few weeks ago. Various pundits gave different version of a conceptual answer, about the mujahadeen, 1979, Al-Qutb, etc, etc, and then it came the final speaker’s turn. “When did al-Qaeda begin?” said Noman Benotman, “about the second week of April 1988”.

Guy Rundle, Crikey