Monday, May 23, 2011

Obama in a Cowboy Hat

Love this photo of my president.

Actually, he makes me proud — not because he ordered the death of a man who funded the death of a huge group of New Yorkers, but because he quietly went about the business of doing what he believed the people of American wanted.

I'm not entirely naive; I understand that the C.I.A. trained Osama, along with many other Afghani freedom fighters, in Scotland years ago; that America funded the people who later became terrorists when the Russians invaded Afghanistan; that the American military gave those same freedom fighters Stinger missiles back in the day, missiles which were saved and used against NATO forces by the Taliban years later.

Still, after all the errors in judgment by previous presidents, by previous military know-it-alls, it is Obama, who made a decision. Perhaps he simply has better advisors than those previous presidents. Perhaps he is a rational thinker, unlike his predecessor, perhaps he is just a tad more intelligent than his predecessor, but mostly I suspect he is a responsible leader who takes his job very seriously and has a sense of morality very close to my own.

Bottom line, that's why I support him and the reason I love this photo..of the man in the black hat — not the white hat of the hero, but the black hat of 'everyman'.

He's my hero!