Friday, May 13, 2011

Daybreak on the Prairie

The Aussie rose early this morning and slipped out the back door to catch the sunrise at the perfect moment. This small town in the midst of the vast prairie has the most breath taking moments; locals simply accept what has been around them for all of their lives.

We, outlanders, are mesmerized by the beauty of this varied climate and currently still quite stark landscape. Immodest Grandeur is how one author described the landforms surrounding us.

The five foot long garter snake, green with yellow stripes startles us as it slithers around the front porch looking for a space in which to meditate on which small crittur it will stalk next. The two Canada geese with their nest in our next door grassy lot saunter like king and queen snacking on the local wild life.

Chickadees, goldfinches, warblers, robins, mallard and wood ducks, yellow headed and red winged blackbirds, coots aplenty, wood peckers and flickers are just a portion of the variety of flying objects surrounding us each day.

We live in a land of plenty.