Sunday, May 08, 2011

62 degrees....with clear skies for most of the day

I know, I'm supposed to give up on all this weather stuff!...but 62 degrees -

I suspect farmers will be in the fields at least 15 hours a day for the next week or so as they try and seed as much as possible. Really late this year. Still some fields have great ponds of standing water that have not yet receded.

Brilliant goldfinches have come to the feeder outside my lounge room window; yellow headed blackbirds flock to the ponds nearby, red winged black birds hover near the clothes line, and Canada geese males stand watch as their mates sit upon nests near the slough.

The sump pump continues to empty about ten gallons of water an hour out of the basement, the floor and walls of which are totally dry.

Work has once again begun on the insulation in the roof. And soon we will break through the ceiling between the two levels to install our new stairway to heaven.

Life is good. Hope yours is as well..