Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wanna Come to America in Late August?

Well, I thought I'd share a little of what I've been working on lately. Tried publishing on page 99, a web site that allows a writer to share page 99 of a manuscript on which other writers comment. The real issue being, 'would you turn the page', 'would you buy this book' based on what you have read in this one page. It's a huge ask.

Let's let today's post be a page 99 experience. Would you be interested in turning the page after you read what is below? You may comment yes or no and offer any other comments that seem pertinent after you read. Thank you in advance for taking the time to do so.

And as an extra note, spring really has sprung on the prairie. We wake to birdsong and listen to Canada geese love making all night long. During the day it is inspirational to watch the couples take flight from Stoney Run. The Swenson's hawks ride the thermals and glide into the rushes after their lunch, the robins and finches are building nests. I love the sun breaking the horizon at 7 a.m., the golden prairie just waiting for seed, the rippling of the breeze on the waters. Glorious, just glorious.

page 38 — Two Hemispheres: Wilderness Inside and Out

‘I’m worried about June snow.’

‘No problem, Annie.’ Shrugging her shoulders, Marcy stirred her chai and added, ‘snowshoes, we’ll take snowshoes along and plenty of rope in case we run into high creeks.'

‘Could we wait until early September? Then the snow is melted and the streams have returned to normal?’

‘You can’t take a week off right after school starts.’

‘Yeah. I guess this is the only time. I am worried about the snow cups, though. Last time I had to walk through those egg carton snow banks, I thought I’d die. Promised myself I’d never do that again.’

‘Listen, if you want to cancel, do it now. I’ll see if I can find someone else. I do wish you had found some fellow to join us. A little male strength might make you feel safer.’

‘I think I may have found a mountaineer, Marcy. I’m just not sure he can come with us in June. Wanna wait for July. He’s talking about coming to America then.’

You know I can’t take time off in July. My work schedule is just too heavy. You have to trust us, Annie. We can do it.’

‘Yeah, sure,’ I nodded, knowing full well that the strength on this trek was going to belong to Marcy. ‘I hate over flowing mountain streams. Haven’t met one yet that I haven’t fallen into.’

‘Yeah, you’re right. How many times have I either pulled you out or steadied your hand on a log crossing? Remember that time it took all day to dry out your pack after you fell ass first into Hass Creek? Yoga might help your balance, ya know.’

‘Ok, ok. You’re right. Anyway, I did buy those discount tickets to London for mid July. I set aside nineteen days to search for the Grail in Devonshire and Wales.’

‘Ah, yes, I wish you luck in all things spiritual. You still planning on meeting that Australian fellow? Maybe he can come after you return.’

Later that evening I jotted a note to the Australian. ‘Wanna come to America in late August?’

Knowing his response before he even wrote, I resigned myself to one more failed romance even if I wasn’t sure an online email exchange could be called a romance. Certainly none of my friends would agree with me on that definition. I kinda liked this fellow and was sad that we would never actually meet. Too bad he hadn’t bothered to write me before his last visit to California.