Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Spring has Sprung

The geese are back.

Huge V formations fill the skies as the late fliers zoom in a catch up endeavour to the main flock.

Honking can be heard from the tap dancing geese as they huddle on Stoney Run just waiting for a cracking of the now rotten ice that will allow them to access the mosquito larvae and other delicious morsels caught below.

We are thrilled to have our feathered neighbours close at hand again. A pheasant trundled through the tall grasses near the edge of the Run this morning. The black capped chickadees, 12 month residents of the prairie, congregate around the bird feeder. A snowy woodpecker comes to the suet hanging close to the back door.

Sun streams through our east facing windows at 7:10 a.m. Surely the soil will soon be thawed - to the bottom of the 8 foot freezing depths. The roads are full of tractors and seeders headed for farmlands surrounding us.

The next huge change will be the greening of the deciduous shrubs and trees. I am loving the idea of spring. Soon we will be in the midst of its actuality.

We are so in love with our prairie house which has sheltered us through this last hoorah of winter storms. The sump pump works steadily to keep the ground water in the ground and out of the basement. Soon it will be warm enough to return to the attic to finish the insulation of the roof and to open the floor to our new stairway to the heavens.

We may be old, but the goddess has once again given us hope for the future. Mother earth is a wise seductress - calling us once again to enjoy the affirmation of planetary life forces.