Saturday, April 16, 2011

Margaret Oiley - An Inspiration

Woke this morning to snow and light - just a dusting of each. Downed my first cuppa whilst solving a soduku. The next item on my early agenda is 'email'.

What to my wondering eyes should appear but the winner of the Archibald Prize - for those of you NOT in Australia, the Archibald is awarded each year to the painter of a portrait.

In past years wandering through the gallery perusing the faces of Australia has involved moments of awe as I realized just how much talent exists in the world.

This morning with no gallery to attend except for the highlight of snow on still bare brush with background birdsong, I am thrilled to share with you this amazing portrait.

If you click on the title to today's blog entry, you will go to Ben Wiley's web page where there is more information about his relationship with the rather amazing, although according to Wiley, humble subject - Margaret Oiley.

She catches my attention because Wiley has given me her eyes. Once I read his commentary on her artistic accomplishments, I realize that she is the perfect example of Eric Ericson's 7th stage of life - Generativity vs Stagnation.

You go, gurl! An example for all of us 'oldies'!