Thursday, March 17, 2011

What do you do in winter on the Prairie?

People ask all the time. What is there to do? How do you stay busy?

Closest movie theatre 80 miles away, a good supermarket 35 miles north across the border in Canada where we can't buy citrus or lamb cause they take those products away at the border crossing as we return to the USA.

Only 50 folks in town in the winter time, many of whom don't speak English..those would be the Cuban families who brave this deep freeze in order to give their children a chance to be educated in the USA. Oh, they're legal immigrants, hard workers who mostly keep to themselves.

The post office in our little town is important. We gather there early on week day mornings to pick up our time, especially for the farm folk who drive in off the prairie.

We have no cafe, so the Aussie and I bought a used professional espresso maker.

We have no gas station, so we fill up whenever we go to the bank 13 miles east or visit the Prairie Wellness Center (read that gym) 8 miles west of us.

Somehow, however, we have survived the winter, met new friends, enjoyed evenings with locals, worked on the basement -- the sump pump is busy now that the snow is melting while the ground is still in permafrost conditions.

We watch Jon Stewart and Colbert on the computer and movies that we download, too.

Watched Russell Crowe, our fav Aussie/Kiwi, last night and snuggled into warm down covers around 11 p.m. The sun set about 8:15 pm.

We are on the western edge of Central Time Zone daylight arrives late, around 7:15 a.m. I think we have already exceeded the equinox day/night time hours even though that equality isn't due for another week or so.

I have had more adventures this winter than I have had in the previous fifteen years. It is good to learn new lessons, to travel the generally untravelled roads of the world.

Old age is a frame of mind, a structure surrounding experience that hasn't solidified yet. Love life, enjoy the quiet times cause the noisy ones will force open all kinds of new attitudes that one couldn't quite imagine ten minutes ago. And just keep on keeping on!!

Hope your spring is as sprungy as ours..hugs!!