Wednesday, March 30, 2011

North Dakota Legislature Attacks Teachers' Retirement

Dear Democratic Legislators,

Below is an email that I have just sent out individually to each of the North Dakota Republican legislators. I apologize for sending it off to you as a group, but I have run out of time and probably patience. I am assuming, hopefully correctly, that each of you would agree with my position on Bette Grande's amendment to HB 1134.

I am a retired high school English teacher who gave 40 years of my life to the youngsters of my community. I cannot understand why it is that legislators of any ilk would choose to focus their intimidation techniques on those who give the most to our communities for the least pay, but Republicans around the midwest certainly are in agreement about their 'school yard bullying'.

* * *

Good grief, folks stop the legislature from picking on teachers. What ever would the children of North Dakota do without a professional team of teachers to provide them with opportunities to grow and learn in this state? If anything, these men and women should receive a massive pay raise, not a deduction on their salaries. You can't seriously believe that a private corporation could or would do a better job.

I am grief stricken at the attack on some of the most important employees in the state through Bette Grande's amendment to HB 1134. The legislature ought to be spending time and money honoring teachers instead of attacking them.

Pure political grand standing, that's what Grande's amendment is all about. Her disregard for these important folks in the lives of our children disgusts me. North Dakota teachers are ranked 49th in teacher pay across America, making on average $40,000 a year. I'd like to see any legislator in North Dakota attempt to raise a family on so small a salary.