Thursday, March 03, 2011

The Daily Mundane

Ah..overcast skies and cool temps, but not as cool as last week. Why is it that the weather is the center of life here on the prairie? I used to believe that the fact that farmers predominate explained everything. But, that's not the case in winter. The farmers have fled, to warmer climes except those who have livestock.

Why do we care if the temperature is -28 or +8 if we have no work to do out in the weather? Not sure. Maybe it has to do with road conditions or with just how long it will take for the weather goddess to release us from our housebound circumstances.

Anyhow..the temps are perfect today. Cold, but not too cold. The highways are generally clear of snow and ice which means we head for Minot for our weekly shopping spree. Glue, elbow pipes for the sump pump, folding files for this year's tax documents, ice cream - you know, all the important stuff.

Now, you will understand why I have NOT written. Life is so damned mundane for the moment.

I am rewriting DAS BOOK as a fiction, full of dialogue and conflict, adventure, and angst. Takes up most of my day - well, after I wash the dishes, vacuum and put in a load of laundry.

Be well. Thinking of you, wishing we had a chance to enjoy a cuppa in the afternoon.