Friday, April 01, 2011

40 F...

Aye..what a day we've had today!

40 degrees - lovely sunshine - clear dry roads - a trip to Papsmear to buy nuts and bolts.

Chinese for lunch with a long convo with the owner of the restaurant for dessert. She and her husband came from China to NYC..and from there to Papsmear? Will have to return for another luncheon feast to find out why?

After shoving all the groceries we bought into the door of the refrigerator, I ambled over to the Memorial Hall to see how the Aussie was coming with the melting ice run off that was invading the basement kitchen of the Hall.

Ice was about six or seven inches thick and melting fast. With no place to go, it seeped under the doorway into the kitchen. Graham chopped ice with a pick and I sopped up the standing water with a mop. He put a sump pump attached to a long hose on the running water near the outside of the door.

Eventually, he chopped a run off sluice to carry the water out to the road..about thirty feet of it.

Working together was fun in the 40 degrees of sunlight. Wish I had had gloves, but my fingers have recovered.

We have snow predicted for Sunday; the slough has puddles on the top of the ice and the stubble in the fields is higher than the snow. Canada Geese are tap dancing in the puddles. Spring is here. Happy sunny days hopefully for the next couple of weeks.