Thursday, February 03, 2011

Wednesday Morning and the thermometer moves above 0

Yep, last night when we turned off the lights and turned down the furnace, the temperatures outside registered a less than balmy -20F.

This morning that same thermometer mounted on the inside of the kitchen wall told us that although the winds might make it seem a good deal colder than the air temp suggested, it is a balmy +10F which is only 22 degrees F below freezing.

I'm still planning on working inside.

Although, I did promise myself that as soon as the temps rose above 0, I would drag out my cross country skis and head for the empty lot next door and the miles and miles of snow covered fields north of our house. Yep! I'm a coward. Still not willing to go back to cold toes and thumbs.

So, as Queensland copes with tropical cyclones, I, on the north American prairie, snuggle into a warm doona with a good book and a hot cup of coffee and thank the goddess and a whole lot of innovative folks for the invention of central heating and town water.

Be well, my friends.