Monday, February 21, 2011

Why We Need Women in War Zones

Yesterday morning while putting on my socks, I pulled a small muscle on the right hand side of my back. Been on the bed with ice packs, ibprophen, vitamin C, arnica ever since with one of those 'damn it, you'd better hurry up and heal' attitudes. Probably ought to ask politely instead, but ya know ~

In the meantime, hoping to distract myself, I've been reading everything I can lay my hands on - books, magazines, and newspapers - online newspapers.

This morning in the New York Times, I found Kim Barker's op ed article whose title begins this blog entry. It's the sort of topic of which we all ought to be aware. I found it provocative. Do I agree or do I not.

Should women be sent ( not allowed) but sent into the front line battless of the planet. Oh, I know, they are already there if that battleground is in their own country, and yet as those of us from western culture know, they really aren't there - not in person. Should they be?

I don't have any answers, but will spend much of the next few days considering what I believe. You may find yourself in a similar circumstance, if you take a few moments to click on the title to today's blog and read what Kim Barker has to say.