Monday, February 14, 2011

Sunday morning Entertainment

Woke to overcast and rain on the windows. Temperature was 40F accompanied by enough wind to turn the evergreen trees into belly dancers, a little head bob, then shaking shoulders followed by swaying hips.

As we enjoyed our first cuppa on this Sunday morning we watched the members of 'Our Lady of the Luthern' drive into town and jockey for parking spots in the areas in front of the church cleared on Friday afternoon by Larry's snow plowing tractor as Judy snow shoveled and swept the church steps of ice.

Distracting us every now and again were the Red Bellied Woodpecker chasing away the Black Capped Chickadees at the bird feeder located near the same windows that framed the comings and goings of the Lutherns.

Looks like we may lose our entire cross country ski run that yesterday the Aussie smoothed out in preparation for some excellent exercise today. Mush doesn't make good skiing.

Blue skies form intermittent layers between light cloud cover, a good day to bake a pie or finish my taxes or both - not much inclined to do the slip and slide outside.