Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hand painted dinnerware from Mexico

Aren't they charming?

Have to admit that the idea behind purchasing colourful dinnerware from Mexico originated with my fantasy that a Nordacotah winter would be dreary, cloudy, cold, and in dire need of some brightening up.

Not so!

Today, like most of the nine days we have been back, the great white north is lit by brilliant sunlight reflecting off four or five feet of sparkling snow. Instead of the house needing colour, we need to draw the shades momentarily in order to see our computer screens. Sun glare, you know.

The dishware, nonetheless, adds a joyful ambiance to the dinner table. Food tastes better and conversation heads in a more playful direction in the midst of rampant hand drawn designs from warm and equally sunny Mexico.

We need to thank our friends, Marcia and Wes who reside in Arivaca, Arizona, for making us aware of the best shopping opportunities. Our fruit bowl thanks them; my own contentment amidst the colour thanks them.

Hopefully, your February winter's day is as full of thankfulness as is ours.