Friday, February 11, 2011

A Doe - A Doe - A Female Deer

Our neighbour - she cuddles at night and through most of the morning into a snowy space beneath one of our Evergreen trees down near Stony Run, our local frozen waterway.

The striations in the picture are the effect of the double-paned kitchen window through which the doe's picture was taken as she turned(having discovered our watching her), stopped browsing on our lilac stalks, and moved on to the next course in her lunch.

It has been a onerous season for the local wildlife. Snow depths make it difficult for them to find browsing slender and alive enough to satisfy their winter diet. We have thought of buying some hay, but the experts say such feed is eventually deadly as deer digestive tracts close down when diet changes too dramatically.

Wild berry bushes are excellent feed. Next summer we'll plant some to satisfy our own sweet tooth and the deer in winter.

This winter, we dig away some of the snow and hope that she finds what she needs.

Yesterday, a Red Bellied Woodpecker came to the feeder outside the lounge room window. Such alarming beauty; the contrast of colours, the black and white stripes, the RED crown against the pristine snow makes such a visit the highlight of the day.

And, the squirrels have been chasing one another all round the light poles - somehow I don't think it's all play and unless, of course, I mean foreplay.

Temperatures today have been above 0 for the first time in a week. We drove to Powers Lake, 33 miles distant across the icy morraine, for groceries and a short visit with Marcia, proprietor of The County Store - a compendium of everything an prairie dweller might need to survive comforftably in winter.

Tonight, frozen pizza will cook in our oven to a toasty brown and accompany one of our favourite downloaded movies on the 'huge' computer screen.