Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Blizzard Turns into Clear Blue Skies

Had a phone call this morning from the snowbirds in southern Arizona. They, who were raised here on the prairie, tell me that the blizzard we watched outside our snug prairie house yesterday was a one in a hundred year event.

We have endured yet again. It was cold - near 0F most of the day. The wind did bluster, sometimes at a 40 mph rate. Visibility was reduced, but the pine trees about thirty yards distant from our lounge room windows were visible throughout the day. Our electricity did a 'brown out' dance several times during the day and evening - probably as a result of the wind.

Neighbours who work in surrounding communities did not make it home last night. They stayed with friends instead of tempting fate on the highways where blowing snow, drifts, and visibility were serious concerns.

And we, outlanders, who know no better? We made cranberry bread and soup, entertained another neighbour with a cuppa (espresso) and helped him back out of our drive way onto the snow drifted street in front of our house when it was time for him to head out.

Later we watched Jon Steward, Colbert, and Get Him to the Greek on the computer before we snuggled into our covers that had been warmed by the electrical blanket we turned on early in the evening.

We may not have gone out to brave the wild weather, but we certainly enjoyed the warm, cozy, atmosphere inside the house that Graham renovated!