Monday, January 03, 2011

Sunday, Cloudy Sunday

The view out of theWhitney Portal Hostel window this afternoon looks rather like a Japanese water colour with the mists meandering around the peaks and crags of the Eastern Sierra.

Here I sit (mostly alone) awaiting the return of the Australian who has once again ventured into the snow pack and up the slope three miles to rescue the cabin from our Christmas and New Years dinner goodies.

We had anticipated guests for both holiday meals and purchased to acommodate about ten or fifteen appetites. Fresh asparagus and Brie cheese, fresh brocolli and sharp cheddar, ham, turkey, potatoes, carrots, fruit and yogurt to top the bread pudding, fruit cake, as well as pecan pull aparts to munch with our scrambled eggs brekkie.

There they sit stashed in a black garbage bag stuffed behind the back door. It is essential that these goodies be returned to the valley floor, probably heisted into the closest dumpster.

And so, the tall fellow with enormous energy and determination will once more walk up and back down the mountain with a sled.

I'd love to be with him. I so miss my mountain matter how welcoming our hostel host, three bunk beds, a hot shower may be, I'd rather be in the quiet, cozy, cabin at Whitney Portal.

Hopefully, each of you has such an abode to comfort you on this first holiday week end of the year.